Why We Exist

Learn why TCSOP&CD is different.

Why We Exist

The Tri-Cities School of Preaching & Christian Development believes there is a lack of Bible knowledge in the world today.

We believe that the Bible can help with that problem and men who are able to share the teachings of God in a sound and logical manner. If you consider yourself someone who loves to study the Bible, why not consider enrolling in our two-year Biblical Studies program? Imagine how much you can help God's kingdom grow by strengthening your faith and learning sound, biblical truth.

TCSOP Equipping Christian Every Day

We’re Equipping CHRISTIANS

We offer classes to anyone desiring to grow in their faith. We strongly encourage elders, deacons, teachers, parents, students of the Word, those retired, or new converts to come audit any of our classes at no cost except your time and best effort.

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